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Oct 11 10
a_drop_of_colour: (Vivid Place)
As the title suggest, this post is where any watchers can leave a comment with some suggestions of themes you would like me to icon. I want this to be clear that this isn't a request post. I won't necessarily make icons from your suggestion(s), like I may.

The purpose of this entry is to have a place where you can share ideas. My goal with this post is to know what you would like to see posted here on Vivid Place.

  • You can leave up to 5 suggestions per comment.
  • Anything is fine as long as it stays into the stock, fashion or art category.
  • Remember that these aren't request, but I'll keep them in mind for possible future posts.
  • This post will remain open as long as Vivid Place will exist.
  • I won't be replying to your comment unless I make some icons out of your suggestions.
Oct 11 10 (UTC)
pandarus: (Default)
Ooh! Intriguing.


- Cartography

- Liquid

- Autumn

- Transformation

- Drapery
Nov 13 10 (UTC)
afronaut_terraforms_earth: a part of a blue bicycle wheel and a lady's foot in black tights red dress and shoes. (Default)
in terms of color themes...reds
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