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As the title suggest, this post is where any watchers can leave a comment with some suggestions of themes you would like me to icon. I want this to be clear that this isn't a request post. I won't necessarily make icons from your suggestion(s), like I may.

The purpose of this entry is to have a place where you can share ideas. My goal with this post is to know what you would like to see posted here on Vivid Place.

  • You can leave up to 5 suggestions per comment.
  • Anything is fine as long as it stays into the stock, fashion or art category.
  • Remember that these aren't request, but I'll keep them in mind for possible future posts.
  • This post will remain open as long as Vivid Place will exist.
  • I won't be replying to your comment unless I make some icons out of your suggestions.
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  • If you'd like to affiliate please PM A Drop of Colour with your community or journal name, link and 3 examples icons.
  • Graphics only.
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[INTRO] Vivid Place

Welcome to Vivid Place a graphic community mostly dedicated to stock icons maintained by [personal profile] a_drop_of_colour.


In order to browse more easily among the entries, you should check out the tag list to look through the different themes and find what you're looking for.

But, before going any further into this community, please read the following few notes to know how things works here. Thanks ♥

    General info
    Feel free to watch the community.
    Membership is currently closed to everyone.
    Comments are always appreciated (they're like cookies for moi).
    Becoming a watcher gives you access to the request post ;)

    Please comment if you take any of the icons.
    Credit [community profile] vivid_place when using.
    Textless icons are not bases (unless statement otherwise).
    Do not alter any of the graphics in any way.
    Absolutely no hotlinking, stealing or claiming as yours.

    None of the images used in this community are copyrighted to me.
    All images copyrights goes to the respective creators.
    If would like an icon removed that's using one of your image simply leave a message in the respective post.